Experienced Trainers at Trainright

Trainright expands its Training team

We have been working hard this year on expanding our team, particularly getting some extra trainers on board to assist us with current workloads.

We are pleased to advise we now have 2 new trainers. One based in NSW and one in Tasmania in addition to our VIC based trainer and director Ethan.

In June, 2017 we welcomed Murray Thompson to the Trainright team and he has been working hard on a government contract for us in NSW. He brings a wealth of water industry experience and as a highly qualified engineer with many years training experience, specialising in water services.

In September, we added Wayne DeBomford to the Trainright team who will assist us with our Tasmanian clients. Wayne is also a qualified mechanical engineer and has been self employed for many years servicing the HPWJ industry.

We are thrilled to expand our team and know that both these trainers will be an asset to our business and clients.

Class A or Class B?

Information to determine class of HPWJ Pump/Unit

The December 2013 AS/NZ High Pressure Water Jetting Standard 4233.1&2 describes two different classes of high pressure. Class A = Low pressure & Class B = High pressure.

All Trainright’s courses are based around Class B high pressure water jetting training.

To determine the class of any specific water jetting unit, we need to determine something called “bar litre”.

A bar litre is the measure of energy the system (high pressure water pump) can produce.

A bar litre is a mathematical sum. It is the maximum bar pressure of the unit multiplied by the maximum flow water flow rate per minute.

Two main factors determine a bar litre, the maximum pressure of system and maximum flow rate per minute of the unit (how many litres of water will flow per minute from the unit).

From these two figures, a “bar litre” measure can be calculated to state the energy produced by a high-pressure water jetting system.  It is expressed as a pressure, volume value per unit of time.

Any pump > 5,600 bar litres is considered Class B

Any unit <  5,600 bar litres is considered Class A.

A high-pressure water jetting pump will have a compliance plate attached to the unit.

The plate will state maximum bar pressure (or psi) of the unit and the maximum flow rate per minute of the unit. High Pressure Water Jetting Pumps can state PSI or Bar Pressure.

If the units pressure is in PSI we must convert from PSI to bar pressure. There are approximately 14.5 psi to 1 bar.

If we have a high-pressure water jetting unit at 2,000psi we would divide this figure by 14.5 to determine the units bar pressure. 2,000psi/14.5=140 bar.

New Drain Cleaning Course Available

Operate a Drain Cleaning System Course now available – June 2017

We are very excited to announce Trainright is now providing training in MSMSS00005 – Operate A Drain Cleaning System.

The 1 day nationally accredited course will provide new and experienced candidates with an understanding of current best practice for drain cleaning operations.

The course is designed to meet the Australian & New Zealand High Pressure Water Jetting Standards for Drain Cleaning and on successful completion participants will be rewarded with this nationally recognised accreditation.

For further information please refer to our course page here.



Welcome to our new website!


We are very excited to announce Trainright’s new website is now live!

Please take some time to browse pages on the site, particularly our Courses which give information on all our current training courses in High Pressure Water Jetting and Vacuum Loading Operations.

Trainright has been operating since 2013 and has trained hundreds of operators from the industrial services sector, travelling thousands of kilometres across Australia and Asia Pacific to deliver courses that ensure companies are compliant.

Delivering nationally accredited courses to operators to ensure they operate machinery safely and with due diligence is what we are passionate about. Our business is built on solid ethics and we are proud of what we have achieved and the feedback we have received from our customers, which you can read on our Testimonials.

If you have any questions about high pressure water jetting in particular or the industry in general, contact us via phone, email or form on the Contact page.

Best wishes
Ethan Leeds and the Trainright team