Information to determine class of HPWJ Pump/Unit

The December 2013 AS/NZ High Pressure Water Jetting Standard 4233.1&2 describes two different classes of high pressure. Class A = Low pressure & Class B = High pressure.

All Trainright’s courses are based around Class B high pressure water jetting training.

To determine the class of any specific water jetting unit, we need to determine something called “bar litre”.

A bar litre is the measure of energy the system (high pressure water pump) can produce.

A bar litre is a mathematical sum. It is the maximum bar pressure of the unit multiplied by the maximum flow water flow rate per minute.

Two main factors determine a bar litre, the maximum pressure of system and maximum flow rate per minute of the unit (how many litres of water will flow per minute from the unit).

From these two figures, a “bar litre” measure can be calculated to state the energy produced by a high-pressure water jetting system.  It is expressed as a pressure, volume value per unit of time.

Any pump > 5,600 bar litres is considered Class B

Any unit <  5,600 bar litres is considered Class A.

A high-pressure water jetting pump will have a compliance plate attached to the unit.

The plate will state maximum bar pressure (or psi) of the unit and the maximum flow rate per minute of the unit. High Pressure Water Jetting Pumps can state PSI or Bar Pressure.

If the units pressure is in PSI we must convert from PSI to bar pressure. There are approximately 14.5 psi to 1 bar.

If we have a high-pressure water jetting unit at 2,000psi we would divide this figure by 14.5 to determine the units bar pressure. 2,000psi/14.5=140 bar.