High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) Operator Refresher Course


Our High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) operator refresher course provides experienced operators with a way to update their Statement of Attainment for Unit of Competency MSMSS00004 Operate a high Pressure water jetting system if dated more than 2 years prior.

The course covers understanding of current Australian and New Zealand HPWJ Standards 4233 parts 1 & 2 and Safe Work Australia December 2013 Guide For Managing Risks From High Pressure Water Jetting.  It also covers skills and knowledge to independently operate, coordinate, communicate, manage and complete HPWJ tasks, including drain cleaning units in a safe and efficient manner.

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Entry Requirements

The refresher course is available to experienced operators every 2 years to maintain skills, compliance and industry knowledge. All participants must already hold:

  • Statement of Attainment MSMSS00004 – Operate a high pressure water jetting system

Each student must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) which is available free of charge from http://www.usi.gov.au/About/Pages/default.aspx

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and comply with the current AS/NZ Standard 4233. 1&2
  • Comply with work health and safety and general duty of care
  • Hazards associated with High Pressure Water Jetting within a wide range of applications
  • Pressure and flow, troubleshooting systems
  • Quality and environmental management
  • Behaviours of nozzles and attachments
  • Roles and responsibilities of the entire working team
  • Safe work practices and non-negotiables


This course is nationally accredited and delivered in partnership with a nationally recognised RTO (Registered Training Organisation) for both practical and theoretical components. Successful completion of the assessment requirements will provide participants with a current/updated Statement of Attainment MSMSS00004 Operate High Pressure Water Jetting System, which includes the following units of competencies:-

  • MSMWJ301 Operate high pressure water jetting system
  • MEM09002B Interpret technical drawing
  • MSMWHS110 Follow emergency response procedures
  • MSMWHS200 Work safely
  • MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit

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