Trainright Capability Statement

Trainright, within our field of high pressure water jetting and vacuum loading, is the most renowned, accomplished training and consulting company within Australasia.
We provide the highest standard of service, delivering quality outcomes for our clients and their employees.


About Trainright

  • Trainright is one of the first high pressure water jetting & vacuum loading training providers in Australasia. Established in 2013.
  • Trainright built and delivered the very first nationally accredited Vacuum Loading course in 2016 and the following year built and delivered Australia’s first nationally accredited Drain Cleaning Course.
  • We have a large client base comprising of Government Utilities, Municipalities and Industrial Services .
  • Our Trainers have field experience within each discipline of high pressure water jetting and vacuum loading operations.
  • Our professional services are delivered in every state and territory of Australia, and can be delivered abroad.
  • Our data base comprises over 4,500 students

Our Services

  • Nationally Accredited Training Courses
  • MSMSS00017 – Use High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment
  • MSMSS00018 – Operate a High Pressure Water Jetting System
  • MSMSS00019 – Operate a Drain Cleaning System
  • MSMSS00020 – Operate a Vacuum Loading System
  • Modes of Delivery – We deliver our courses on-site at our clients facilities and utilise their equipment. In the near future Trainright will offer permanent training facilities in every capital city across Australia.
  • Understanding Your Business Needs – For new clients we have a comprehensive process in place to get to know and understand your business and it’s training requirements based on your equipment, applications and outcomes required. We ensure, your company has all the right information to base your decision on the types of training to suit and comply with your business needs.

  • Our Trainers – Our Trainers have extensive “on the tools” field experience, supervision and management experience within Utilities, Municipalities, Staples, Mining, Manufacturing, Construction, Maritime, Pulp & Paper Oil & Gas. Our Trainers are deployed to suit each business needs linked to their skill sets. We ensure your business receives value for money and quality nationally accredited training.
  • Consulting – We offer a gap analysis of your high pressure water jetting equipment and processes and ongoing training needs, including drain cleaning. The gap analysis is based against the high pressure water jetting Australian & New Zealand Standards 4233 part 1 & 2.

Who We Service

  • Government Utilities and Municipalities
  • Industrial Service Companies
  • Large & small plumbing organisations
  • Not for profit organisations, such as Master Plumbers Tasmania
  • Suppliers and manufactures of high pressure water jetting equipment, including drain cleaning and vacuum loading equipment
  • Mines
  • Gas & Oil Industries

Our Key Points of Difference

  • We understand our target audiences from all sectors.
  • Our Trainers are familiar with most high pressure water jetting, drain cleaning truck and trailer mounted units and vacuum loading equipment.
  • Our training is not mundane, tick a box. Our aim is to infiltrate your teams minds and to make a complete positive difference to their respective fields.
  • We care about your business, your people and the communities you operate and live within.
  • We listen to our clients needs.
  • We listen and continuously learn from experienced operators, this knowledge is passed on in each of courses, particularly with respect to government utilities.
  • We offer current best practice solutions.
  • Our ability to apply sections of the AU/NZ 4233 standards, practicability in the field of high pressure water, particular drain cleaning.

Long Term Business

  • We maintain all student records and keep our clients updated when their operators are due for refresher training.
  • We contextualise the training to suit the companies desired outcomes.
  • We are here for ongoing advice, help and support.
  • We advise our clients of industry changes or new adopted approaches.
  • We work towards building respectful relationships with our clients, bound by honesty and integrity.

We at Trainright believe,
“ Operating safely , increases efficiency and quality outcomes"