MSMSS00018: High Pressure Water Jetting System

MSMSS00018 Operate a high pressure water jetting system


This nationally recognised skill set provides participants with an understanding of the current Australian HPWJ Standards 4233 part 1 and Safe Work Australia December 2013 Guide for Managing Risks from High Pressure Water Jetting.

The HPWJ operator course will provide participants the skills and knowledge to independently operate, coordinate, communicate, manage and complete high pressure water jetting tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

To achieve this skill set, the candidate must have completed 120 hours of supervised work practice as detailed in the Assessment Requirements of the units of competency.

The latest release of the qualification and packaging rules can be found at the following link:


Our clients for this course are from varied industries including government, local council, water boards, corporate and independent water and waste service operators. Clients engage Trainright to train their employees who are required to operate drain cleaning systems. The clients employees are the students.

First timers

The target group would be undertaking this training for the first time but will already be highly familiar with their workplaces’ systems, equipment and safety procedures and may have been working in the industry for some time already.

Students will have already completed the MSMSS00017 Skill Set and are undertaking this program to progress their technical and practical skills and knowledge.

Refresher course

The target group would be undertaking this training having already successfully completed this program within the last two years. This program is designed for students who are working in an environment where they must independently operate high pressure water jetting equipment and require a refresher program to ensure skills and knowledge currency.


The following units are included in this course, and all are required for the award of the skill set. If you successfully complete some but not all units, you will be awarded with a Statement of Attainment.




Students who are completing the full skill set for the first time will complete a minimum of 136 hours of training and assessment activities with the volume of learning equalling 136 hours. This includes the 120 supervised industry workplace hours.

Students who are refreshing MSMWJ304, will complete a minimum of 128 hours of training and assessment activities with the volume of learning equalling 128 hours. This includes the 120 supervised industry workplace hours.

Delivery methodologies employ terminology, equipment, resources, materials, contexts, practices, and activities associated with the workplace role.

Students can also be supported through e-mail and telephone contact with their trainer. Students are provided with information about how to contact Trainright and their trainer for support when they enrol. Students are encouraged to contact their trainer at any time and trainers will liaise with students regarding their progress and provide advice as required, including any relevant course content and concepts, learning opportunities, assessment requirements, feedback on assessments and any issues the student is experiencing.


We offer the following in relation to support and welfare:

• one-to-one support from the trainer/assessor
• support with personal issues
• access to additional learning resources
• reasonable adjustment in assessment
• information about external sources of support.

You may not have studied for a while, may have English as a second language, or need additional assistance with literacy or numeracy.

We will identify any additional support needs you may have at the time of application and enrolment and may prepare a Student Support Plan for you based on those needs.


You are required to use your own device for this course. Our learning management system configures easily to most tablets, smartphones and laptops. Contact us if you have any questions in this regard.


You can apply for recognition of existing qualifications or skills, knowledge, and experience (credit transfer or recognition of prior learning) as per the information included in our Student Handbook, which is available at

If you are granted course credit, this will affect your course fees as well as the duration of your course.

For any questions about course credit, contact us at the details shown below.


• MSMWJ202 Use high pressure water jetting equipment is a pre-requisite unit.

Face to face training and assessment will require the following:

• Personal Protective Clothing (PPE) including long pants, high visibility long sleeved shirt and steel capped boots.
• Students are required to be physically fit to undertake the practical tasks and are required to declare that they meet the physical requirements on the enrolment form.

The trainer and assessor reserves the right to deny the training and assessment if they believe there may be a safety issue.


Contact us on 03 7064 5636 or if you would like us to train your staff in this course.