Refresher Courses

MSMSS00017 Use High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment

In accordance with Australian Standards 42331.1: 2013 High-pressure water jetting systems – Safe operation and maintenance, for High-Pressure Water Jetting (December 2013), High-Pressure Water Jetting and Drain Cleaning operators are required to participate in refresher training at a minimum of every two years;

AS 42331.1 High-Pressure Water Jetting Systems – Safe Operation and Maintenance

Section 7.4 Refresher Training

Verification of competency or refresher training on high-pressure water jetting operations shall be carried out and documented at appropriate intervals not exceeding two years to ensure the continued competency of operators.  The acquisition of new or more powerful equipment or new HPWJ technology should also activate refresher or enhanced training.

Refresher training is applicable to all operators who hold accreditations in the following skill sets:

  • MSMSS00017 Use high-pressure water jetting equipment
  • MSMSS00018 Operate a high-pressure water jetting system
  • MSMSS00019 Operate a drain cleaning system

Each of the above skill sets shares 3 out of 4 units of competency in common.  The shared units of competency are not required to be refreshed and may be used as credit transfers to ensure the entire skill set is re-issued upon completion of the core unit refresher course.

Units of Competency for credit transfer:

Core Units of Competency to be refreshed:

Students must provide evidence of attaining the original skill set by supplying;

  1. A copy of their academic record from their USI portal.
  2. A copy of their original transcript featuring all units of competency achieved relative to the skill set.
  3. A copy of their original Statement of Attainment in the skill set to be refreshed.

Each Refresher Course is held over 1 full day (8 hours of training).

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment in: